Shattering Dreams

SURVIVAL:  Let’s step into this mode for a second here… evaluate how all is going…. because I’m sick of trying to figure it out.  Around and around and around I go doing the same ole things not knowing where to flow. I take off time to “try” and figure it out by visiting nature and Costa Rica….. and still nothing seems to workout.  I get the insights and the excitements that carry me on… almost a curse to carry a dream so far. Sinking into my own fears, failing at realizing a dream, I think this might be maybe my biggest fear…. Where beauty fills up scars and laughter fills every crack, my dream is so beautiful and real, I persist and refuse to give it back.  So I keep going determined to align and actify to the moment this is all ready to fly. Advocate for yourself, cheer yourself on, speak what you feel and don’t be led on. So Jendalia, the land of me, is ready to share the journeys of Scooter and Sadie the Bee.  Shine the horse and the penguin named Quigley, there are many characters to share and set free.  Surrendering to what fate might be, I pray I won’t fall on my face…. and if I do I hope I do it with grace.  


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