Finding Where Beauty Resides

The pain goes so deep, I grossly compare ……. to the warts on my right foot that I’ve carried for over 40 years.  Yes… that long….embarrassing to reveal,  cut and burned they continue to reappear.   Digging them out it burns like fire, similar to the boiling I often feel inside.  Ignore, don’t look,  so the […]

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That Single Thought

Thoughts lingering, gathering, crowding as I saturate my mind. One thought merged with another creating entangled clusters grinding around.  Too much to think, to even listen, or to write down as my mind spins like a tornado, I’m forced to slow down. Surrendering, I breathe finding one thought at a time, grounding to the earth […]

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Patch of Grass

The perfect patch of grass on the perfect afternoon.  The sun so warm but not melting my skin, captured in delight of being human.  Doesn’t take much when in perfect balance to drift away to a delight some call heaven. Shade near-by for retreat if it heats up too much, knowing that I’m supported in […]

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Shattering Dreams

SURVIVAL:  Let’s step into this mode for a second here… evaluate how all is going…. because I’m sick of trying to figure it out.  Around and around and around I go doing the same ole things not knowing where to flow. I take off time to “try” and figure it out by visiting nature and […]

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Breaking the Block

Writer’s block for years and years, maybe because becoming a writer is what I fear.  Listening to my own thoughts out loud shared with the world, the transparency and rawness available to all.  Tho it is my choice to share among you or not, so I’m saddling up to this keyboard to see what comes […]

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